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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
An outside image of the Pima Logo tower at Pima East Campus

Board Policies

Approved Board Policies are listed below.

1. Board
BP 1.01 Prime Policy
BP 1.02 Interpretation of Revised Policies
BP 1.05 Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor
BP 1.06 Governance
BP 1.10 Conflict of Interest
BP 1.11 Board Participation in Employee Benefit Plan
BP 1.12 Chancellor Emeritus
BP 1.16 Institutional Effectiveness
BP 1.17 Public Access and Free Expression on College Property
BP 1.18 Receipt of Gifts
BP 1.19 Naming Opportunities
BP 1.20 Data and Information Sharing
BP 1.25 Personnel Governance and Policy for College Employees


2. Chancellor
BP 2.01 Diversity and Inclusion
BP 2.02 Hiring of Personnel
BP 2.05 Use of Facilities
BP 2.06 Assessment and Development of College Facilities
BP 2.07 Architect Selection
BP 2.11 Research Involving Human Subjects
BP 2.15 Records Management, Retention and Disposition
BP 2.18 College Compliance


3. Academic and Student Affairs
BP 3.01 Faculty Qualifications Standards
BP 3.02 Academic Freedom
BP 3.05 Equal Educational Opportunity
BP 3.10 Admissions and Registration
BP 3.11 Official Student Records
BP 3.12 Developmental Education
BP 3.15 Financial Aid
BP 3.20 Assessment of Credit for Prior Learning
BP 3.21 Transfer Students and Credit
BP 3.22 Limited Enrollment (Selective Admissions)
BP 3.25 Educational Offerings
BP 3.26 Information for Students
BP 3.27 Adult Basic Education
BP 3.30 Student Success
BP 3.31 Student Conduct, Ethics and Complaint Resolution
BP 3.32 Student Attendance and Participation
BP 3.35 General Education
BP 3.36 Global and International Education
BP 3.37 Educational Contract Training and Services
BP 3.40 Grading
BP 3.41 Recognition of Academic Honors
BP 3.45 Athletic Mission and Principles
BP 3.46 Disabled Student Resources
BP 3.47 Student Organizations
BP 3.48 Library Services


4. Finance and Administration
BP 4.01 Financial Controls and Institutional Budget
BP 4.02 External or Independent Audits
BP 4.03 Enterprise Risk Management
BP 4.04 Interfund Loans
BP 4.05 Approval of "In House" Capital Improvement Projects
BP 4.06 College Travel
BP 4.07 Financial Stability
BP 4.08 Tuition and Fees Waivers for Employees and Dependents


5. Human Resources
BP 5.10 Equal Employment Opportunity, ADA, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (including Sexual Harassment)
BP 5.15 Employee Development
BP 5.17 Outside (Secondary) Employment


6. Legal
BP 6.01 Board and College Relationship with General Counsel
BP 6.05 Copyright
BP 6.06 Intellectual Property Ownership


7. Audit
BP 7.01 Internal Audits


8. Facilities
BP 8.01 Facilities Operations and Maintenance


9. Information Technology
BP 9.01 Information Technology Resource Management

10. External Relations
BP 10.01 Public Information
BP 10.02 College Publications


11. Public Health and Safety
BP 11.01 Drug-Free College
BP 11.02 Institutional Security and Safety
BP 11.03 Environmental Health and Safety
BP 11.04 Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Pima
BP 11.05 Firearms and Other Weapons
BP 11.06 Workplace Violence Prevention
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