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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
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Important Dates

Once a student registers for classes, tuition and fees are assessed to their student account. Students can review their charges in their MyPima MyAccountManager. We recommend ensuring your financial arrangements are ready for the upcoming semester soon after registering. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student to drop the classes that they will not be attending. In some cases, students may be dropped by an administrative process, but this is not guaranteed.

Starting with the Fall 2024 term, Pima Community College will administer the Drop for Non-Payment administrative process. The Drop for Non-Payment process occurs when enrolled students do not pay their PCC account balance, enroll in a payment plan, or secure funding by the tuition payment deadline. 

Financial Arrangements to secure your registration and Avoid Being Dropped        

  1. Pay your tuition and fees 
  2. Enroll in a Payment Plan*
  3. Ensure authorizations are submitted for Third-Party sponsorship
  4. Check the status of your Financial Aid or Scholarships
  5. Check the status of your Veterans Education Benefits

*The following expenses are not covered by the payment plan:

  • Bookstore charges.
  • International student tuition.
  • Previous term balances 

Summer 2024 Payment Deadlines

If you registered: 

Your Payment Deadline:

After April 12, 2024

You have 4 calendar days to pay your balance, get into a Payment Plan, or secure other funding.

The Summer 2024 Payment Plan is not available after June 13, 2024.

Fall 2024 Payment Deadlines

If you registered: 

Your Payment Deadline:

Before 7/8/2024


7/8/2024 - 8/5/2024


After 8/5/2024

Review your MyPima for details. 

The Fall 2024 Payment Plan is not available after October 14, 2024.

 Payment Plan Due Dates


1st Payment

2nd Payment

3rd Payment

4th Payment

Summer 2024




Not Available

Fall 2024





Spring 2025





Summer 2025




Not Available


Students often sign up for classes they do not intend to take. They may be checking how much a course costs or change their minds. Once students add a class, charges are assessed to the student's account, which they remain financially responsible for, even if they never attend class. 

It is ultimately the student's responsibility to drop the classes they will not be attending. This process may drop students who inadvertently sign up for courses they did not intend to take. The process also helps with accurate class counts and helps make space for other students.

Yes. Students dropped for non-payment may re-enroll in their classes if space is still available. If tuition and fees are still unpaid by the next payment deadline, the student may again be dropped for non-payment. 

A drop occurs before the published add/drop deadline while a withdrawal occurs after. Students who drop a class will have the enrollment and charges for the class removed from their account. Students who withdraw will show the class on their record with a grade of W and still be responsible for paying for the class. For more information about this process visit the Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing web page. Dropping unwanted classes remains the student's responsibility.

The College emails students who do not have a financial arrangement in place to alert them that their class registrations are not secured. It is important to read all email communications from the College and ensure necessary payment responsibilities are complete as soon as possible to avoid being dropped for non-payment.
If you sign up for a late start course before the fee payment deadline, you will be responsible for tuition and fees by the payment deadline. Review your MyPima and emails for updates regarding your payment deadline and financial responsibilities. You can wait to register for late-start courses, but there is a chance there may not be space available.

Be sure to check the Financial Aid disbursement dates to determine when you can expect to see your financial aid disbursed to your student account. Please note that disbursement dates are not the date any refund will be initiated. 

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