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Tuition and fee refunds

Are you expecting a refund? Pima will issue a refund (or return of excess funds) when a credit exists on your student account. Refunds can occur when:

  • Financial aid is disbursed to your student account
  • You drop one or more of your classes by the drop/refund deadline
  • A class is canceled by Pima
  • Administrative drop
  • Military withdrawal

E-Refunds:  Depending on your payment type, you may receive an E-refund. E-refunds is the fastest way to get your money! You can enroll in E-refund today.  If you don’t enroll, you will be sent a paper check to your address on file. If there is no address on file, your refund will be delayed.

Refunds by payment type 

Self pay refund process

Refunds are processed weekly beginning one week after the semester drop deadline. Refunds start with the most recent payment to the account. Potential refunds are first applied to any outstanding charges, including those in other terms. If you have a refund due and would like to request your refund to be expedited, or if you would like assistance setting up your E-refund account please email us at

If you paid with a credit or debit card, your refund will go back to the card you used. Due to a charge with our payment processor, all card payments more than 12 months old will be refunded in the form of a check or verified E-refund.  

If you paid by check, there will be a 10-day clearing period prior to your refund by check or E-refund. Cash payments will be refunded via check or E-refund. 

Financial aid recipient refund process

Refunds for financial aid are processed within 14 days from the time the disbursement is posted to your student account. Once the refund is initiated by our office, please allow 2-5 days for an E-refund to process or 7-10 business days for you to receive your check.

Please note: If the credit is due to a change in enrollment, the credit balance will need to be reviewed. Pima has 14 days to determine whether any adjustments should be made to your financial aid. If there are additional excess funds, you will receive your refund by E-refund or paper check.

Uncashed refund checks

Your refund check from Pima is valid for 90 days. If there are issues with your check (such as an old address or a reprinted check), we will email you with instructions on how to update your address. If you fail to do so within 21 days, the check will be canceled and any financial aid may be adjusted.

If you receive a check as a result of financial aid disbursement but you don’t cash the check on time, the funds must be returned. College policy is to return loan funds first, then grant funds, then other funds. Depending on federal regulations, the Financial Aid Office may or may not be able to re-issue those funds to you if you request them.

Lastly, if you paid with your own funds (not financial aid) and do not cash your refund check, the funds may be sent to the state as unclaimed property.

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