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Sculpture Showcase

Below are just a few of the many sculptures that have been part of this program.  The art is displayed in attractive settings on campus.

Barbara Jo McLaughlin Submerge

Barbara Jo McLaughlin

Submerge (2016)


Andrew Turley Post Andrew Turley 

Andrew Turley

Post (2016)

telephone pole, steel, tacks

Brian Painter Steady as She Goes

Brian Painter

Steady as She Goes (2016)


Hector Ortega Intersections

Hector Ortega

Intersections (2016)

fabricated steel with oxidized patina


Joan Waters the single sense reflex

Joan Waters

the single lense reflex (2016)

welded, oxidized steel

Kevin Caron Cosmograohy

Kevin Caron

Cosmography (2016)

oxidized steel

Image of a blue sculpture

Barbara Jo McLaughlin

Anticipation (2012)

Steel, fiberglass and paint

Image of a metal sculpture

Joe Dal Pra

Control and Obsession 2 (2012)

Bronze, aluminum and steel

Sculpture of a suitcase and guitar

Ken Jones

Drifter (2003)

Image of a metal sculpture

Dave Lewis

Plant (2003)

Kevin Caron Tesseraction

Kevin Caron

Tesseraction (2012)


Metal sculture representing a dog

Joan Waters

Spot (2004)

Raw, welded oxidized steel


Jason E. Butler

Donald Judd, The Cubes Alone Were Never Enough! (2012)

Steel and enamel

Sculpture of women set in a grassy area

Valarie James with Antonia Gallegos, Deborah McCullough, and Cesar Lopez

The Mothers: Las Madres Project.  No Mas Lágrimas (No More Tears) (2005)

Images of a Contemporary sculpture

Kim Henkel

Three Stooges: No Two Individuals Are Exactly Alike (2004)

Image of a metal sculpture

Joan Waters

ultimate reality show (2012)

Raw, welded oxidized steel