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COVID-19 Information: masks are required indoors on PCC campuses and in centers until March 28, 2022. Learn more on the COVID-19 & Updates Page.
PCC Board of Governors, Chancellor, and staff

College Administrator List

Organized by executive leadership, this list provides the campus and phone number for the primary location of each administrator: DC - Downtown Campus, DO - District Office, DV - Desert Vista Campus, EC - East Campus, MS - Maintenance & Security, NW - Northwest Campus, WC - West Campus.

Office of the Chancellor

Lee D. Lambert, Chancellor (DO) 520.206.4747
Jeffrey Silvyn, General Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs (DO) 520.206.4678
Thomas A. Davis, Chief of Staff (DO) 520.206.4769
Dr. Nicola Richmond, Vice Chancellor for Strategy, Analytics and Research (DO) 520.206.4934

Office of the Enrollment Management

Vacant, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management (DO) 520.206.XXXX

Office of the Provost

Dr. Dolores Duran-Cerda, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (DO) 520.206.4999
Hilda Ladner, Executive Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DC) 520.206.7215
Kate Schmidt, Executive Director for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Acting (WC) 520.206.3120

Office of Academic Excellence

Dr. Morgan Phillips, Vice Chancellor for Academic Excellence & Downtown Campus Vice President (DC) 520.206.7053
Michael Amick, Vice President of Distance Education (NW) 520.206.2309
Dr. Josie Milliken, Dean of Distance Learning (NW) 520.206.2359
James Palacios, Dean of Dual Enrollment and High School Programs 520.206.5176

Office of Student Learning

[Vacant], Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Student Learning (DO) 520.206.4869
Wendy Weeks, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Curriculum Quality Improvement (CQI) (DO) 520.206.4654
Gregory Wilson, Dean of Applied Technology (DC) 520.206.7134
Kenneth Chávez, Dean of Communications (DC) 520.206.5105
Karen Bryan, Interim Dean of Arts (WC) 520.206.6690
James Gray, Dean of Math (NW) 520.206.2206
Emily Halvorson, Dean of Science (NW) 520.206.2180
Dr. Michael Parker, Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences (WC) 520.206.7410
James Craig, Dean of Business (EC) 520.206.7694
Don Martin, Dean of Allied Health Professions & Biomedical Sciences (WC) 520.206.6661

Office of Finance and Administration

Dr. David Bea, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (DO) 520.206.4519
Vacant, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance (DO) 520.206.4308
Brandye D'Lena, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities (M&S) 520.206.2610
Carleen Thompson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources (DO) 520.206.4637
Isaac Abbs, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer (DO) 520.206.4809
Andrew Plucker, Executive Director for Employee Service Center, Acting (DO) 520.206.4945

Office of External Relations

Phil Burdick, Vice Chancellor for External Relations (DO) 520.206.4850
Elizabeth Howell, Executive Director for Media, Community and Government Relations (DO) 520.206.4778
Melissa Stoddard, Executive Director for Financial Aid and Scholarships, Acting (DO) 520.206.4815

Office of the President of Campuses, Student Experience, and Workforce Development

Dr. David Dore, President of Campuses and Executive Vice Chancellor for Student Experience & Workforce Development (DC) 520.206.7100
Dr. Aubrey Conover, Campus Vice President, West Campus (WC) 520.206.6752
Edgar Soto, Campus Vice President, Desert Vista Campus (DV) 520.206.5098
Nina Corson, Campus Vice President, East Campus (EC) 520.206.7619
Brian Stewart, Campus Vice President, Northwest Campus (NW) 520.206.2111
Dr. Morgan Phillips, Campus Vice President, Downtown Campus (DC) 520.206.7053
Michelle Nieuwenhuis, Chief of Police (Assistant Vice Chancellor) (M&S) 520.206.2692

Office of Workforce Development & Innovation

Dr. Ian Roark, Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development & Innovation (DO) 520.206.4533
Laurie Kierstead-Joseph, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Adult Basic Education for College and Career (DC) 520.206.7330
Amanda Abens, Dean of Workforce Development & Continuing Education (DO) 520.206.4664

Office of Student Experience

Dr. Irene Robles-Lopez, Vice Chancellor for Student Experience (DC) 520.206.7263
Dr. Suzanne Desjardin, Vice President of Student Affairs (DC) 520.206.3150
David Arellano, Dean of Enrollment Management (DC) 520.206.7105
Dr. Jeff Thies, Dean of College Readiness and Student Success (DC) 520.206.6184
Jennifer Madrid, Dean of Students (WC) 520.206.6677
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