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Your Guide to Virtual Services and Remote Learning.
Student on campus

Auditing classes

Students may choose to attend a credit course without earning  college credit.  Auditing means you enroll in a regular college course and attend classes but you don’t expect to receive college credit.

You may audit nearly any class offered by Pima Community College.

To audit a course:

  1. Find the course and section (CRN) you prefer to attend.

  2. Determine if you want learning assessed (pass/fail) or no grade.  (Choose pass/fail if you may consider using this course for prior learning assessment at a later date.)  

  3. If seats are available, your registration will be completed with payment at the time of your call.

  4. Call 206-4737 to register.

Registrations are accepted August 1 for Fall Semester; December 20 for Spring Semester and May 1 for Summer Session.

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