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Professional Licensure by State - New Hampshire

Option A: How do you document an approved educator preparation program?

  • Check your official transcript for a program verification statement already listed. The program verification must state you completed a state or other approved program (NCATE, CAEP, TEAC, for example), the subject/grade level, and that you were recommended for licensure.
  • If your transcript does not already include program verification, please submit an official statement from the preparing college/university verifying completion of an approved educator preparation program, including licensure area and grade level recommended. This verification must be in the form of an original letter from the Chairperson of the Education Department, the Certifying Officer, or other person of authority who can speak for the programs at the   institution.
  • Program verifications from online institutions must be provided for the state in which the online program is considered an approved program.
  • Please also submit copies of any test score reports and out of state licenses you may have available. Approved preparation program completers are not required to submit documentation of obtaining licensure in the other state, however a full out of state license may meet the Basic Academic Skills Requirement.
  • Program recommendations are only valid for 3 years from the institution’s recommendation date. If your institution recommended you more than 3 years ago, you are only eligible for this pathway if you can provide a copy of license from the same state you completed your program in that has not been expired for more than 3 years prior to the date of application.

Approval Status

Pima Community College’s Post Baccalaureate Teacher Education Program meets the academic requirements for initial certification.

State Website

New Hampshire Licensure Website

Contact Information

New Hampshire Department of Education Bureau of Credentialing
101 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301-3852
Tel: (603) 271-2409

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