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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
First Year Experience students at Pima Community College

First Year Experience

Pima's First Year Experience (FYE) programs connect you with campus resources and events to help you build the relationships and leadership skills you need to be successful in college and beyond.

You are considered a first year student if you have less than 30 credit hours, which is half the number of hours needed to graduate from most associate degree programs at Pima. If you have 30 or less college credit hours, you are eligible to participate in FYE programs.

Want to build a plan to graduate on time? Learn how taking 15 credit hours or more per semester can help you graduate on time for less money.

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FYE Initiatives

Visit the First Year Experience branch in PimaEngage to explore our upcoming schedule of FYE events. PimaEngage is your home to connect with Pima student activities to enhance your time as a Pima student.

Connect U Orientation

CUO is a part of Pima's admissions process and introduces you to the college, answering frequently asked questions before your first semester begins. FYE Peer Mentors share tips and teach advice about how to navigate Pima's systems, technology, and resources. Completing CUO lifts your registration hold so you may enroll in courses.

Nicholas Hernandez
“Connect U Orientation made a difference in my college experience allowing me to get involved and be more successful. I made friends, had great mentors, knew what resources were available and had a meaningful college experience.”

~ Nicholas Hernandez, Pima Student Leader

New Student Welcome

This exciting annual fall carnival celebrates the new academic year and welcomes our new students. Join us to show your support and commit to completing your own PCC journey. All Pima students, faculty, and staff are welcome and may bring their families and friends!

Duck Hunt

Practice what it means to “Be A Duck” during this annual Spring event where you hunt around campus & online for missing ducks. Return them to their home department to learn where it’s located, meet the employees who support students, and win prizes.

Career Cafe

Improve your job skills & career readiness. Learn best practices about resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Connect with PCC's online career resources, and enjoy FREE coffee and live music!

Popcorn with a Program

Each event features a PCC program of study and introduces you to the related network of advisors, faculty, staff, and student life clubs. Meet the support team behind your major, ask questions, and enjoy FREE popcorn.

Faces of First Year Podcast

Our live-streamed social media interview series introducing you to the key leaders and users of Pima resources you need to know as a First Year Student.

Adulting 101 & 201 Series

In college, learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. This series teaches practical life-skills to help you build autonomy, independence and confidence as a contributing adult in your community.

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