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Get Involved

PCC Student Life provides many opportunities for you to get involved in activities that interest you. Participating in activities outside of the classroom enhances your college education, allowing you to form friendships while building teamwork and leadership skills.  These activities also become part of your résumé and can be listed on college transfer applications.

Visit or call your Student Life Office to learn about the wide variety of activities available on each campus. The Student Life Handbook can help your club achieve its goals.

Participate in Student Government

Your Student Government welcomes your participation!  Attend Student Government meetings to share your concerns and become involved in the various activities sponsored by Student Government.  Contact any Student Life Office for more information on student government meetings.

Build Your Leadership Skills

Build and enhance your leadership skills through participation in the Pima Leadership Institute.  The Pima Leadership Institute offers students the opportunity to build and enhance their leadership skills as they prepare to become the next generation of leaders.  Participation in Pima Leadership Institute provides students with diverse perspectives, service learning experiences, and an opportunity to develop integrity and excellence in their pursuits as leaders.  PLI encompasses a variety of leadership programs and options to provide students with a personal leadership experience while at Pima Community College.

Join a Student Club

Pima's campuses offer many student clubs with a wider variety of focuses including culture, wellness, personal interests, careers, religion and more.  Your Student Life Office can put you in touch with clubs on all campuses -- and if you don't find a club that you are interested in joining, they can provide information on how to start your own PCC student club.

More Opportunities to Participate

Join the excitement by participating in:

Online calendars can keep you up-to-date on: