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HVAC-R Student

HVAC-R Technician


Gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the HVAC-R field at Pima Community College.

Our HVAC training program covers diagnostic techniques, and the principles of mechanics, electricity and electronics as they relate to repair, installation, service and maintenance of HVAC-R systems.

Title IV Financial Aid eligible: Yes


Downtown Campus

Contact Information

Applied Technology Division
Dean: 520.206.7134
Lead Faculty: 520.206.7137
Program Advisor: 520.206.7018
Information Sessions

Program Information

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Semester Pathways


Completing this program can lead to employment in a variety of different careers. Here are some examples of occupations related to this program with associated Pima County-based annual median wages. Some careers may require additional education or training. Source: EMSI

Occupation Annual Median Wage
HVAC-R Mechanics and Installers $43,533

Academic Options

Continue your studies by taking classes in the Building and Construction associate's degree program.

Program Requirements 2020-2021

Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

 Course # Course Title Credits
BCT 105* Professionalism in Service, Construction Math, Basic Rigging 3
BCT 106 Soldering and Brazing for Building and Construction Technologies 4
BCT 107* Basic Safety, Hand and Power Tools, Blueprint Reading 3
BCT 120 Blueprint Reading for Construction 3
BCT 132 Residential and Industrial HVAC I 4
BCT 133 Residential and Industrial HVAC II 4
BCT 134 Residential and Industrial HVAC III 4
Subtotal 25

Required Support Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
CSA 100 Computer Literacy 1
GTM 105** Applied Technical Mathematics 3
GTW 101
  or WRT 101
  or WRT 154
Writing for Trades and Technical Occupations
  English Composition I [SUN# ENG1101]
  Career Communication
STU 100 College Success and Career Planning 1
Subtotal 8
Total 33

* BCT 100, 112, and 115 substitutes for BCT 105.  BCT 111, 113, and 114 substitutes for BCT 107.

** GTM 105 or a MAT course 100-level or higher

Program/Major/Concentration Codes: CRTHVA/HVA1
Gainful Employment Disclosure

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