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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
Two lab tech students work together on some data entry in a Pima lab

Medical Laboratory Technician

Associate of Applied Science

Behind the scenes, medical laboratory techs are responsible for analyzing blood, tissue and other biological samples for disease and abnormalities. At Pima, prepare for a career in medical laboratory technology through classroom study and supervised clinical experience. 

100% of students who graduated from PCC’s MLT program were hired as an MLT or in a related field, or continued their education.

Limited Admissions Program: The MLT program will put students in the application queue according to the date on their MLT application. Students can submit their application to the MLT program at any time and do not need to have completed their preparatory courses. Students must successfully complete all non-MLT course requirements before they are eligible to be cleared for the MLT core courses. A minimum of 8 students are cleared for MLT core courses in both the fall and spring semesters. Eligible students with the earliest date on their MLT application will be the first to be cleared for the MLT core courses. 

See Program Admissions or contact MLT program director, Amee Rosales, at [email protected] with questions about the admissions process.

Title IV Financial Aid eligible: Yes


West Campus

Contact Information

Division of Health Professions
Dean: 520.206.6916
Program Director: [email protected] or 520.206.6835


Completing this program can lead to employment in a variety of different careers.  Here are some examples of occupations related to this program with associated Pima County-based annual median wages.  Some careers may require additional education or training. Source: EMSI

Occupation Annual Median Wage
Medical Laboratory Technician $54,180

Academic Options

This program may apply toward a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS). See an advisor.

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