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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
Two lab tech students work together on some data entry in a Pima lab

Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory techs play an essential behind-the-scenes role in healthcare - testing blood and other biological samples for abnormalities and disease. Doctors rely on accurate lab results to diagnose and make the best treatment decisions for their patients.

The lab work is varied and interesting, with opportunities to work in many areas. If you’ve always loved science and are detail-oriented, this would be a great career for you!

Accreditation: This program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. NAACLS Outcomes for PCC AAS MLT.  

Support the Healthcare Team

More than 70 percent of physicians’ decisions are based on laboratory results, according to Quest Diagnostics.

Doctor decisions based on labs

List of Degrees

AAS - Associate of Applied Science


West Campus

Contact Information

Division of Health Professions
Dean: 520.206.6916
Program Director: 520.206.6835

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