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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
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Honors is for students who are seeking Pima’s most enriching academic experiences as well as opportunities to give back by serving their community. The program helps students gain critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills.

Honors Content courses are available in Biology, Economics, History, Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Spanish, and Writing. Also, any course above 100-level, including occupational courses, can be an Honors class through the signing of an Honors Contract.

In addition, you can complete the Honors Program Certificate on top of your primary degree or certificate. That academic journey begins with HON101: Honors Colloquium (a colloquium is an academic conference or seminar) which introduces students to scholarly research, writing, and conversation.

Contact your campus Honors Coordinator for details.

Honors student displays project
Annual Honors ceremony

Each May, Honors students gather to celebrate their accomplishments, community service and leadership activities, and to give thanks to those within and outside of Pima for their support. The ceremony also is an opportunity to share research findings – often on topics that directly impact society – with their fellow students and the community.

List of Certificates


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Contact Information

Division of Humanities & Social Sciences
Dean: 520.206.3375
Honors Office: 520.206.2111
Contact an Honors Coordinator

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