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Governing Board Selects Dr. Jeffrey P. Nasse as New PCC Chancellor
An aviation student works on a device inside an aviation classroom

Aviation Technology

Associate of Applied Science

To earn Pima’s Aviation Technology AAS Degree and be able to repair and maintain aircraft, students must complete general education courses and one of these certificates: Aircraft Airframe Mechanics, Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics or Aircraft Structural Repair.

Basic skills that all graduates learn are common safety practices used when working on and around aircraft and related support equipment, how to identify and use applicable maintenance publications and documents, and knowledge and understanding of Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

The Airframe and Powerplant courses are taught per 14 CFR, Part 147 to qualify a student for FAA Airframe and Powerplant certification.  Aviation Structural Repair courses are offered as specialty training and do not fall under Part 147 guidelines. Instead, it is an industry directed curriculum that exceeds Part 147 requirements and prepares students to perform heavy structural repairs on commercial aircraft.

Conditional Enrollment Program: You will be eligible to enroll in AVM courses once you have completed the requirement listed in Program Admissions and the Department has authorized your enrollment. See the program director or advisor for more information.

Special Admissions Program: You are not fully admitted to this program until you have fulfilled the requirements listed in Program Admissions and below and have been officially admitted to the program. See the  Aviation Program Assistant for details.

Students pursuing the Airframe Mechanics and/or Powerplant concentrations must complete courses in a specific order per 14 CFR, Part 147.  See the Aviation Program Assistant or Applied Technology Advisor for more information regarding this requirement.

Title IV Financial Aid eligible: Yes


PCC Aviation Technology Center

Contact Information

Division of Applied Technology
Dean: 520.206.7134
Program Assistant: 520.206.5910


Completing this program can lead to employment in a variety of different careers.  Here are some examples of occupations related to this program with associated Pima County-based annual median wages.  Some careers may require additional education or training. Source: EMSI

Occupation Annual Median Wage
Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging and Systems Assembler $39,068
Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician $57,591

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