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Electrical Utility Technology

Workforce Development Certificate

This certificate provides electrical utility fundamentals for entry-level employment in the energy field.  This is a Workforce Development certificate specifically designed to meet employer needs.

Note: This certificate is offered to external businesses on a contractual basis and usually is not open to the general public.  See the Building and Construction Technology website for information on degrees and certificates degrees in a related subject area that are open to all students.

Program Requirements    

Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation

Course #     
Course Title Credits
BCT 100 Professionalism in Service for BCT 1
BCT 111 Basic Safety for the Building Trades 1
BCT 112 Construction Mathematics, Communication, and Employability 1
BCT 113 Hand and Power Tools 1
BCT 114 Blueprint Reading 1
BCT 115 Basic Rigging 1
EUT 103 Generation Steam Systems 3
EUT 104 Overhead and Underground Systems, Hardware and Equipment . 4
EUT 106 Measuring Electricity 3
GTM 105 Applied Technical Mathematics 3
NRG 101 Energy Industry Fundamentals 3
WRT 101
  or GTW 101
Writing I
  or Writing for Trades and Technical Occupations
Total: 25