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Contact Us

General Questions or Comments

Phone: 520-206-6579

Director:  520-206-6354

TTY: 520-206-6513


Address: 401 N. Bonita Ave., Tucson AZ 85709-5505

Areas of Interest

Community Education -Personal Interest (520) 206-6354
Contract Learning - Workforce (520) 206-6473
Computers and Software (520) 206-6354
Credit Course as a Continuing Education Student (520) 206-6354
Exercise/Sports/Games (520) 206-6354
Job Skills, Careers and Professional Education (CEU) (520) 206-6354
Online (520) 206-3938
Pima for Kids (520) 206-6444
Teen Scene (520) 206-6444
Motorcycle Training (520) 206-2741

Request a Class

Continuing Education workshops, classes and events are selected based on community interest. If you could learn anything, what would it be? 

Request a Seat in a Credit Class

Search the credit class schedule.  If you find something you'd like to enroll in, call 206-6354.  A seat will be created for you to take the course as a continuing education student with a 15% discount from the current tuition rate.  Credit students have preference - if the class is full, we will look for another option.  Continuing Education students do not have requirements to complete assignments or attend regularly.  However, you are expected to keep up.  The instructor will not accommodate students for missed classes by using instructional time to remediate. 

NOTE:  If you think that there is any probability that you may one day want to get credit for this noncredit learning, make sure you complete all assessments and attend within the requirements of the credit student syllabus.  Prior learning assessment can be completed for these classes at a later time, but it is the student responsibility to prove they have "passed".

Learn on Demand

If you have a group of friends who want to learn the same topic, we can set that up. As soon as we have the minimum number of people to cover expenses, your topic will be scheduled. Classes have been scheduled with as few as five students. Pick the topic, recommend the date, time and location, then let us do the rest.