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General Questions or Comments

Program Manager:  520-206-6354,

TTY: 520-206-6513


Address: 401 N. Bonita Ave., Tucson AZ 85709-5505

Areas of Interest

Community Education -Personal Interest (520) 206-6354
Contract Learning - Workforce (520) 206-6473
Computers and Software (520) 206-6354
Noncredit Matched to Credit Course (520) 206-6354
Exercise/Sports/Games (520) 206-6354
Job Skills, Careers and Professional Education (CEU) (520) 206-6354
Online Partner - (520) 206-3938
Pima for Kids (520) 206-6444
Teen Scene (520) 206-6444
Motorcycle Training (520) 206-2741

Enroll in a Credit Course as a Noncredit Student

Community Education students have the option of attendance or completing course work as long as it is not disruptive to the learning environment.  This judgment is at the discretion of the faculty teaching the course.

Career/Job Skill courses offered as CEU require the non-degree seeker to attend and participate at a "pass" level which is guided by the course syllabus.  If a student completing with a "pass" decides to apply for PLA (Prior Learning Assessment), the course may have credits applied toward a degree.


  1. Search the Credit Schedule of Classes
  2. Select the course and section you are interested in attending
  3. Select the noncredit option
  4. Register and Pay.  By phone call 206-6468. 
  • All fees are rolled into the cost of a class for noncredit learners.  This includes technology and equipment.  (Required texts are not included.)
  • Non-degree seeking students are not assessed fees for services they do not require.
  • Credit students receive preference for seating in the event a class reaches capacity.  Should this occur, non-degree students will be contacted for other options available.

Call Maggie at 206-6354 with questions.