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Flexible Classes

Pima offers classes in a variety of alternative formats and in many timeframes, including at night and on weekends, in addition to traditional 16-week classes. Search complete class schedules.

Class delivery methods:

Honors content

Honors Content courses include additional self-directed coursework expected of the student beyond regular course requirements to earn Honors credit.  View honors content class list.


Pima online offers classes through the web. View Pima online class listOut-of-state students:  Learn about restrictions on the online courses and programs that Pima can offer out-of-state students.

Open entry / Open exit

Enroll in a class at any time during the semester and complete required work at your own pace within the semester or by arrangement with the instructor.  View open entry/open exit class list.

Self-paced on campus

Work on campus at your own pace with faculty guidance weekly in the room defined in the class schedule.  Students must meet with the faculty in the room defined during the first week of classes. View self-paced on campus class list.

Self-paced independent

Work off-campus at your own pace using study materials prepared by faculty members.  Students must meet with the faculty for the initial class meeting at the time and room defined in the Class Schedule. View self-paced off campus class list.

Traditional classroom

Attend classes on scheduled days and times.  These classes may require general computer skills. View traditional classroom class list.

Traditional with computer

Attend classes on scheduled days and times.  These classes require using the web or special software to complete assignments.  View traditional with computer class list.

Web and classroom

Receive instruction in the classroom and on the web independently to reduce total classroom time. View web and classroom class list.

Web self-paced

Work online at your own pace with materials prepared by faculty members and delivered over web. View self-paced on the web class list.

Alternative timeframes

You can also complete classes at Pima through a variety of alternative timeframes including 5, 8, 10, and 14-week classes, as well as weekend-only schedules. Use the drop-down and check boxes in the class schedules to choose a timeframe that works for you.