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Solar Installer


Learn the skills necessary to become a successful Solar Installer.  Designed for individuals with building trades experience, this certificate provides Photovoltaic Installer preparation training for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Photovoltaic Installer Certification exam and the Photovoltaic Installer Advanced Certification exam. 

Program/Major Codes: CRTSIC/SIC

Before enrolling in this program, you must meet the following requirements:  test higher than REA 091 on the PCC assessment, or complete REA 091 with a grade of C or better.

What can I do with this certificate?

Career options:  Obtain employment in the solar installation field.

Academic options:  Continue your studies by completing the Building and Construction Technologies AAS degree.

More Information:  Review program costs, student debt, on-time graduation and more. 

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
BCT 100 Professionalism in Service for Building and Constructions
BCT 111 Basic Safety for the Building Trades 1
BCT 112 Construction Mathematics, Communication, and
BCT 113 Hand and Power Tools 1
BCT 114 Blueprint Reading 1
BCT 115 Basic Rigging 1
BCT 135 National Electric Code Electrical Wiring Applications 4
BCT 172 Electrical I 4
SLR 101 Basic Photovoltaic Installation 3
SLR 102 Advanced Photovoltaic Installation 3
SLR 130 Solar Hot Water Systems 4
Total 24