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**Future Enrollment Program**

This program has been submitted to the U.S. Dept. of Education for approval
and does not currently qualify for Title IV, Federal Financial Aid.

No students are currently being admitted into this program.

Prepare for a career as a licensed plumber by applying technical skills to lay out, assemble, install, and maintain piping fixtures and systems.  This includes steam, natural gas, oil, hot water, heating, cooling, drainage, lubricating, sprinkling, and industrial processing systems. Instruction covers source determination, water distribution, wastewater removal, pressure adjustment, basic physics, technical mathematics, blueprint reading, pipe installation, pumps, welding and soldering, plumbing inspection, and applicable codes and standards.

Program/Major/Concentration Codes: CRTPLM/PLM

What can I do with this certificate?

Career options: Seek employment as a plumber, performing plumbing repairs, swimming pool installations, and new home installations.

Academic options: Continue your studies by taking classes in the Building and Construction associate's degree program.

Program Requirements 2017-2018

General Education requirements are fulfilled by core or support courses.*

Required Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

 Course # Course Title Credits
BCT 105** Professionalism in Service, Construction Math, Basic Rigging 3
BCT 106 Soldering and Brazing for Building and Construction Technologies 4
BCT 107** Basic Safety, Hand and Power Tools, Blueprint Reading 3
BCT 120 Blueprint Reading for Construction 3
BCT 181 Plumbing I 4
BCT 182 Plumbing II 4
BCT 183 Plumbing III 4
Subtotal 25

Required Support Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

Course # Course Title Credits
CSA 100 Computer Literacy 1
GTM 105 Applied Technical Mathematics 3
GTW 101 Writing for Trades and Technical Occupations 3
Subtotal 7
Total 32

* General education requirements are fulfilled by required core and support courses:  Communication - GTW 101,  Analysis and Critical Thinking Requirement - GTM 105

** BCT 100, 112 and 115 substitute for BCT 105.  BCT 111, 113 and 114 substitute for BCT 107.