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Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics


Gain basic skills in aircraft powerplants.

Selective Admissions Program: In order to be fully admitted to this program, you must fulfill the requirements listed in Program Admission. See an advisor for details.

Title IV Financial Aid eligible:  Yes

What can I do with this certificate?

Career Options: Seek an entry-level position in aircraft building, maintenance and repair.

Academic Options: Continue your studies by take additional courses toward the Aviation Technology associate's degree.

Gainful Employment Disclosure 

Program Requirements 2018-2019

Program Prerequisites

Students must have completed the following prerequisites (with grades posted) before they may begin the application process.


REA 091  Reading Improvement II with a grade of C or better or reading assessment score at level of REA 112 or higher


With a grade of C or better: ICS 081, or MAT 086, or completion of MAT 089A through module 15, or Math assessment at MAT 092 or higher


General Mechanics Certificate




Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

Course # Course Title Credits
AVM 226 Engine Electrical Systems 4
AVM 227 Engine Airflow Systems 2.5
AVM 228 Aircraft Propellers 2.5
AVM 229 Engine Support Systems 2.5
AVM 231 Engines, Principles, Monitoring and Inspection 4
AVM 232 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul 4
AVM 233 Turbine Engines 4
AVM 234 Engine Fuel Metering and Operations 4
Total (not including preparatory coursework)
Total (including preparatory coursework)