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Aircraft Airframe Mechanics


Gain basic skills in airframe mechanics.

Conditional Enrollment Program: You will be eligible to enroll in AVM courses once you have completed the requirement listed in Program Admissions and the Department has authorized your enrollment. See the program director or advisor for more information.

Conditional Program/Major Code: CRTAAM/9AAM

Title IV Financial Aid eligible: Yes

What can I do with this certificate?

Career Options: Seek an entry-level position in aircraft building, maintenance and repair.

Academic Options: Continue your studies by take additional courses toward the Aviation Technology associate's degree.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Program Requirements 2019-2020

Program Prerequisites

Students must complete the following program prerequisites (with grades posted) before they may begin the application process.


REA 091  Reading Improvement II with a grade of C or better or reading assessment score at the level of REA 112 or higher


With a grade of C or better: ICS 081, or MAT 086, or completion of MAT 089A through module 15 or Math assessment score at the level of MAT 092 or higher


General Mechanics Certificate




Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

Course # Course Title Credits
AVM 105 Aircraft Sheetmetal Repair 4
AVM 130 Aircraft Composite Repair 4
AVM 209 Intermediate Electricity 4
AVM 211 Alternative Structures 4
AVM 218 Airframe Rigging and Landing Gear System 2.5
AVM 219 Airframe Inspections 2.5
AVM 223 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power 2.5
AVM 224 Atmospheric Controls 2.5
AVM 225 Fire, Ice, Rain, and Fuel Systems 2.5
Total (not including preparatory coursework)
Total (including preparatory coursework)