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Substance Abuse Specialty


Learn principles and skills in social work with an emphasis on drug and alcohol treatment and prevention.

Program/Major Codes: AASSUBSTABUS/SSS

What can I do with this degree?

Career Options: Entry-level employment in positions providing substance abuse services and related community outreach.

Academic Options: Students intending to transfer to a four-year university should pursue the Social Services AA degree.

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements

This section lists general education requirements that are not fulfilled by core or support courses.* Select courses to fulfill C or G requirements.**

Communication Requirement 6
Analysis and Critical Thinking Requirement 6
Humanities and Social Science Requirement 3
Computer and Information Literacy Requirement 1-3
Subtotal 16-18

Required Core Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
SSE 110 Introduction to Social Welfare 3
SSE 111 Group Work 3
SSE 121 Study of Substance Abuse 3
SSE 123 Substance Abuse Prevention 3
SSE 210 Community Organization and Development 3
SSE 211 Group Technique Applications 3
SSE 220 Treatment of the Substance Abuser 3
SSE 222 Political, Legal, and Ethical Aspects of Drug Use 3
SSE 281 Social Service Delivery Systems 3
SSE 285 Foundations of Social Work Practice 3
SSE 292 Social Services Field Experience 4
Subtotal 34

Required Support Courses

ELEC Electives*** 10-12
Total 60-64

* Other general education requirements are fulfilled by required core or support courses:  Humanities and Social Science Requirement - SSE 110 fulfills 3 credits in the Social Science category. Complete a course from the Humanities/Fine Arts or Leadership/Ethics category.

** In the general education categories, select courses so that at least one course is marked "C" (Cultural diversity) or "G" (Global awareness). 

*** Please see an advisor to select appropriate coursework.