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Social Services


Prepare to transfer to a university to complete a degree in social work. 

Program/Major Codes: AOAALA/ALA1/ALAV

Title IV Financial Aid eligible: Yes

What can I do with this degree?

Career Options: Entry-level employment in service positions

Academic Options: Transfer to ASU's Bachelor's of Social Work program; may also transfer to other BSW programs.

Program Requirements 2019-2020

Arizona General Education Curriculum Requirements (AGEC-A)

This section lists general education requirements that are not fulfilled by core of support courses.* Select courses to fulfill the I, C, and G requirement. A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

English Composition 6
Fine Arts
  Recommend: ART 105, MUS 151, 160 or THE 105
Biological and Physical Science
  Recommend: BIO 105IN, 108IN, 109IN or GLG 110IN
  Recommend: MAT 142 or 151
Subtotal 16

Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

Course # Course Title Credits
SSE 110 Introduction to Social Welfare 3
SSE 111 Group Work 3
SSE 205 Case Report Writing and Documentation 3
SSE 210** Community Organization and Development 3
SSE 281 Social Service Delivery Systems 3
SSE 285 Foundations of Social Work Practice 3
Transferable Elective Choose 3 credits from: SSE 121, SSE 160, SSE 211 or SSE 242 3
Subtotal 21

Required Support Courses

ANT 112
  or ANT/HIS/MAS 127
Exploring Non-Western Cultures
  History and Culture of the
    Mexican-American in the Southwest
  or BIO 160IN
Introductory Biology for Allied Health
  Introduction to Human Anatomy and
ECN 150
  or ECN 202
An Economic Perspective
  Macroeconomic Principles [SUN# ECN 2201]
PHI 101
  or PHI 130
Introduction to Philosophy [SUN# PHI 1101]
  Introductory Studies in Ethics and Social
  Philosophy  [SUN# PHI 1105]
POS 201 American National Government And Politics
[SUN# POS 1110]
PSY 101
  or SOC 101
Introduction to Psychology [SUN# PSY 1101]
  Introduction to Sociology [SUN# SOC 1101]
Complete 2 courses with a "C" designation. 
  Recommend two from: ANT 202, ANT 206,
  HIS 105, PSY/SOC 215, SOC 201 or SOC 204
Subtotal 25
Total 62

*Other general education requirements are fulfilled by required core and support courses: Humanities and Fine Arts - PHI 101 or 103 fulfill 3 credits of this requirement, complete a course from the Art List; Biological and Physical Sciences - BIO 156IN or BIO 160N fulfill 4 credits of this requirement; Mathematics - MAT 141, MAT 142 or MAT 151; Social and Behavioral Sciences - SSE 110 and either ECN 150 or 202; Other Requirements - POS 201 and either PSY 101 or SOC 101; Special Requirements - ANT 112 or ANT/HIS/MAS 127

** SSE 242 can be substituted for SSE 210.