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Program Outcomes - Behavioral Health Services Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Behavioral Health Services Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

1. Apply and analyze basic legal and ethical issues related to advocacy, service delivery, documentation and report writing in a variety of clinic settings
SSE 128, BHS 154, BHS 250, BHS 189LC
2. Demonstrate necessary skills for establishing and maintaining a helping relationship
BHS 132, BHS 154, BHS 189LC, SSE 204
3. Describe the family and social cultural, ethnic, and personal impacts on the importance of behavioral health, parental rights, personal identify, personal versus social needs, and family and relevant dynamics for advocacy and the helping process
SSE 204, BHS 132
4. Define basic principles and methods related to emotion, perception, social and abnormal behavior including the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social characteristics of specific subsets of the population
BHS 154, BHS 172
5. Evaluate and respond appropriately to crisis situations and special circumstances appropriate for the behavioral health specialist and technician role
BHS 154, BHS 172, SSE 204
6. Utilize appropriate clinical care skills utilized in various behavioral health settings maintaining safety and universal precautions
BHS 154
7. Demonstrate appropriate behaviors, techniques, and role functions within the scope of practice for the behavioral health specialist and technician role
SSE 128, BHS 132, BHS 250, BHS 189LC
8. Apply the communication, paraprofessional counseling process, the stages of progression, therapeutic techniques, and the wrap around principle in counseling services and group process.
SSE 128, BHS 132