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Associate of Science Degree

Complete lower-division general education requirements for transferring to a university to pursue a major in the life sciences, physical sciences, or computer science.  Students interested in preparing for professional degrees in dentistry, medicine or veterinary science should complete this degree.  Please read Transfer Options for more information.

A specialized degree is available in Engineering (AGS).  Pre-Pharmacy students should complete the Associate of Arts degree.

Program/Major Codes: AOSSCIENCE/ASI

What can I do with this degree?

Academic Options: Transfer to a university in a life or physical sciences program, or computer science program.

Program Requirements

Arizona General Education Curriculum Requirements (AGEC-S)

This section lists general education requirements that are not fulfilled by core or support courses. * Select courses to fulfill C, I, and G requirements.** A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

English Composition 6
Humanities and Fine Arts 6
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
Other Requirement Options: complete MAT courses above
MAT 220 and/or additional science courses from the
Biological and Physical Sciences List
Subtotal 24

Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

Course # Course Title Credits
CHM 151/151LB/151IN General Chemistry I [SUN# CHM 1151] 10
 and CHM 152/152LB/152IN   General Chemistry II [SUN# CHM 1152]   
OR OR   
PHY 210/210LB/210IN Introductory Mechanics   
 and PHY 216/216LB/216IN

  Introductory Electricity & Magnetism
  [SUN# PHY 1131]

MAT 220 Calculus I [SUN# MAT 2220] 5
   Major Electives*** 21-25
Subtotal 36-40
Total 60-64

* Other general education requirements are fulfilled by required core and support courses: Biological and Physical Sciences - CHM 151/151LB/IN and 152/152LB/IN or PHY 210/210LB/IN and 216/216LB/IN; Mathematics - MAT 220

** In the general education categories, select courses so that at least one course is marked "I" (intensive writing), one is marked "C" (cultural diversity) and one is marked "G" (global awareness).  A single course may fulfill more than one requirement.

*** The second language requirement is dependent upon your major.  It is not a requirement of this degree.  Most university degrees require a language course numbered 202, fourth-semester level, or completion of SPA 202 or SLG 202.  Bilingual or international students should consult an advisor about exceptions to this requirement.