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Crime Scene Management


This program will be inactivated at the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester.  This means that students will not be able to start this program after that date. Students currently in the program should meet with an advisor to discuss an educational plan to complete the program.

Learn how to handle a crime scene with courses in forensics; identification, documentation, and processing of evidence; justice administration and more.

Program/Major Codes: CRTFORENSICS/CSM 

What can I do with this certificate?

Career options: Become a crime scene technician/analyst.

Academic options:  Apply your AJS courses toward an associate degree in Administration of Justice.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
CSM 100 Introduction to Photographic Equipment and Procedures for Crime Scene Investigation
CSM 101 Criminalistics 2
CSM 102 Crime Scene Photography 1
CSM 103 Latent Processing 1
CSM 104 Fingerprint Identification 3
CSM 105 Blood Pattern Documentation 0.5
CSM 106 Ballistics 0.5
CSM 107 Courtroom Testimony and Report Writing 0.5
Subtotal 9.5

Required Support Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
AJS 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice Systems 3
AJS 124 Ethics and the Administration of Justice
AJS 201 Rules of Evidence 3
CHM or BIO Any Chemistry or Biology Course w/ lab 4
Subtotal 13
Total 22.5