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Veterinary Technician - Program Admission

Veterinary Technician - Program Admission

Program Information Sessions

Interested in the Veterinary Technician program? Attend an Information Session to ask specific questions and see the PCC facilities, as well as learn about the program and application process.  For questions relating to the Information Sessions, contact lead faculty, Dr. Timothy Krone, or 520-206-7414.  To request a reasonable accommodation, please give one week's notice, if possible, to 520-206-4539.

Applying for Program Admission

  • Meet the requirements for admission as a credit student at Pima Community College
  • Have prerequisite coursework completed with the grade of C or higher.
  • Have proof of personal medical insurance.  Student health insurance is available through Pima. If you are not able to obtain insurance under your parents’ or an employer’s policy, student insurance coverage may be available to you from various carriers.
  • Have proof of immunizations:  pre-exposure rabies vaccination series and tetanus toxoid. Proof of tetanus toxoid in the last 8 years. Proof of an MMR vaccination series. Rabies immunizations will also be needed to be completed while in the program.
  • Complete program application and return to the Veterinary Technology program for processing.  It is important to check your Pima email account regularly as program information will be communicated to you via this account.  
  • Be able to meet physical requirements of lifting at least forty pound animals; restraining dogs, cats, exotic animals, horses, cows, birds, etc.; standing for long periods of time; bending and lifting; having manual dexterity to assist in surgery and have ability to communicate with veterinarians and clients.  This is a physically demanding occupational field.