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Pharmacy Technology Certificate - Program Admission

Program Admission

Before completing the program admission form students must complete the Program Prerequisites as described in the Program Prerequisites section of the Pharmacy Technology Certificate homepage.

NOTE: Some PHT courses have reading and/or math prerequisites. Before beginning PHT coursework, students will need to have either completed reading 091 (or higher) and and math 092 (or higher); or met course prerequisite requirements through
assessment (i.e. assessment score at the REA 112 level or higher, or Math assessment score at MAT 097 or higher).  Prospective students with a criminal background see programs-degrees/health-
professions/pharmacy-tech/pharmacy- tech-aas- admission.html for licensure and clinical practice eligibility.

Students must submit a program application to be admitted to the program.

Pharmacy Technology Application: available as a MS Word or PDF document

Eligibility for Licensure and Clinical Practice

Prospective students with a criminal background should contact the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy ( to learn if they are eligible to obtain licensure before enrolling in the program. They also may not be permitted in a clinical practice setting, depending on the rules and regulations of each particular site.