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Program Costs

These costs are approximate.  Additional fees may apply.

   DPS Criminal Background Check $65.00

CPR Course $35.00

Course Fees $200.00

Uniforms/Shoes/Clinical Supplies Varies

Required Textbooks / Lab Supplies $1,395.00

Exam/Immunizations Varies

Toxicology Screening $20.00

Licensing $550.00

Review Course
$100 - 400.00

Graduation Application Fee $15.00

Additional fees include, but are not limited to:  Health insurance, and tuition for classes (see Program web page and  Paying for School).  The cost of tuition is based on the number of credit hours you enroll in each semester.  The tuition you pay is determined by whether or not you are an in-state resident or a non-resident.  Refer to the schedule of classes for additional course fees.