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Mentor Feedback Form

Students who complete this form in lieu of the assigned Mentor Teacher will fail the applicable course.

1. Sound judgment and moral reasoning.

Student uses good judgment when making classroom decisions and interacting with others.

2. Courteous, respectful, and open-minded treatment of others.

Student behaves in a courteous, respectful, and open-minded manner with the mentor teacher, children and families, and other school personnel.

3. Successful interactions with diverse individuals.

Student has successful interactions with diverse individuals including school personnel, students and families. This includes students with disabilities, challenging behaviors, students from a variety of social and economic backgrounds, and students representing a variety of religious and political beliefs.

4. Maturity and independence in solving problems.

Student displays both maturity and independence in problem solving in the classroom, when addressing practicum assignments, and when faced with daily classroom challenges.

5. Acceptance and use of constructive criticism.

Student is able to accept and incorporate constructive criticism without becoming defensive, angry, or belligerent.

6. Enthusiasm, confidence, and initiative.

Student enters the classroom with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and confidence. The student models a "can do" attitude for the children.

7. Self-monitoring control of emotions and behaviors.

Student displays professional behavior and the ability to self-monitor emotions.

8. Appropriate professional appearance and hygiene.

Student is dressed in a professional manner including attire, and hygiene.

9. Confidentiality of records, correspondence and conversations.

Student respects the confidentiality of records, correspondence, and conversation.

10. Thorough and consistent preparation.

Student is prepared and thorough in his/her readiness to deliver an activity, work with the children, and follow through on bringing the materials necessary to complete a task. This also includes lesson plan preparation.

11. Timeliness.

Student is on time and dependable.