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Earning a Degree or Certificate

Earning a certificate or degree requires fulfilling all requirements defined below.

Students are responsible for determining the presence or absence of any barriers to professional licensure or certification outside of College awarded completion documents.  If you have concerns about any non-educational barriers to professional licensure or certification, please seek academic advising to explore that possibility before beginning their course of study.

Program Prerequisites

Prerequisites may be required before beginning some programs.  Prerequisites are in place to make sure you have the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the program. These courses may add a semester or more to the time needed to complete the certificate or degree. If a program has prerequisites they will be found in the program display, and the total credits required for each program include those needed to complete any prerequisites.

Program Requirements

General Education Courses
General Education courses enhance your education and are required for graduation for all degrees and for certificates of 30 or more credits.

Core/Major Courses
Core/major courses provide in-depth knowledge and/or skills in your chosen field of study. Core/major courses are required and are listed by program in the certificates and degrees section of the catalog.

Support/Elective Courses
Support/elective courses expand the knowledge and skills beyond the core/major requirements and are usually in subject areas different than the core/major courses.