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Systems Administration/Networks


Pursue a systems administration or networking career. Concentrate on a specific type of system or follow the administrator concentration for a well-rounded exposure to network administration. 

Program/Major/Concentration Codes: CRTNETWRKADM/CSD/**** (see concentration codes below)

What can I do with this certificate?

Career options: Become a CISCO, Linux, Microsoft or general network administrator.

Academic options: Continue your studies by taking courses toward a System Administration/Networking or Associate of Science degree.

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses

Complete required courses from one of the Concentrations. A grade of C or better is required for graduation. Department faculty approval is recommended when selecting a Concentration.

Course # Course Title Credits
CISCO Concentration: (Concentration Code: CSNC)
CIS 170 CISCO I Networking Fundamentals 5
CIS 171 CISCO II Networking Routing Technologies 5
CIS 172 CISCO III Advanced Routing and Switching 5
CIS 173 CISCO IV Project Based Learning 5
Subtotal 20
Linux Concentration: (Concentration Code: CSNX)
CIS 136 Microcomputer Components 3-4
 or TEC 130/130LB   Computer Assembly and Testing/Computer Assembly and Testing Lab   
CIS 119 Network Essentials 3-5
 or CIS 170   Cisco I: Networking Fundamentals    
CIS 137 Introduction to Unix Operating System 3
CIS 225 Linux (UNIX) System and Network Administration 4
CIS 226 Advanced Linux Networking 4
Subtotal 17-20
Microsoft Concentration: (Concentration Code: CSNM)
CIS 103 Microsoft Windows Operating System 4
CIS 219 Introduction to Virtual Computing 4
CIS 221 Microsoft Windows Server 4
CIS 222 Implementing Windows Network Infrastructure 4
CIS 223 Implementing Windows Directory Services 4
Subtotal 20
Administrator Concentration: (Concentration Code: CSNA)
CIS 103 Microsoft Windows Operating System 4
CIS 119 Network Essentials 3
CIS 219 Introduction to Virtual Computing 4
CIS 221 Microsoft Windows Server 4
CIS 225 LINUX (UNIX) System and Network Administration 4
Subtotal 19
Total 17-20