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Integrated Circuit Layout Design


Learn the computer aided design skills needed to design templates or masks for microelectronic circuits.

Program/Major Codes: CRTICD/ICD

What can I do with this certificate?

Career options:  Work as an entry-level integrated circuit designer in manufacturing industries.

Academic Options:  Continue your studies by completing the computer aided drafting associate's degree.

More Information:  Review program costs, student debt, on-time graduation and more. 

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
CAD 104 Integrated Circuit Layout Fundamentals 4
CAD 114 Electronic Manufacturing Processes 2
CAD 154 Integrated Circuit Layout Design I 4
CAD 204 Integrated Circuit Layout Design II 4
CAD 254 Integrated Circuit Layout Design III 4
Subtotal 18

Required Support Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
TEC 100 Introduction to Electronics Technology 3
Subtotal 3
Subtotal 21