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Program Outcomes - Logistics & Supply Chain Management AAS

Upon successful completion of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management AAS Degree program, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe major logistics functions and activities.
LGM 101
2. Differentiate logistics and supply chain management.
LGM 101
3. Describe alternative ways to organize for supply chain management.
LGM 101, MGT 122
4. Describe methods of inventory planning.
LGM 102
5. Explain how technology has and continues to change logistics and supply chain management.
LGM 104, BUS 125
6. Compare modes of transportation and related policies.
LGM 106/108
7. Outline computer and supply chain security measures.
LGM 104/105/106, CSA 101
8. Describe warehouse processes, systems, and performance measures.
LGM 101/102/105
9. Describe documentation and terms of sale for international shipments.
LGM 108
10. Demonstrate business ethics, a strong work ethic and solution to critical business issues.
LGM 190
11. Discuss communication skills and leadership styles.
MGT 122/230, BUS 100
12. Explain purchasing processes, policies, and procedures.
LGM 107
13. Discuss major physical and cultural factors affecting differing geographical regions.
GEO 104
14. Describe the principles of marketing and order fulfillment.
BUS 100/125
15. Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms for all business settings.
WRT 101/154