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Program Outcomes - Retail Management Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Retail Management Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

1. Define retailing terminology.
MKT 139
2. Explain the retailing environment.
MKT 139
3. Describe the retail customer in terms of demographics and consumer behavior.
MKT 111, MGT 280
4. Outline the various considerations of retail store location and design.
MKT 139, MKT 111
5. Describe a retailing strategy and the retailing mix, including merchandise management and store management.
MGT 110, SPE 120
6. Describe non-store retailing (ecommerce, catalogues, infomercials, kiosks…) .
CIS 100, MKT 111
7. Identify financial records, inventory control systems, and information systems used in retailing.
ACC 100, BUS 151
8. Explain key factors to consider in the retailing and decision-making process.
MGT 122
9. Outline the changing nature of retailing.
MKT 139, MGT 122
10. Identify change, human motivation, building relationships, and  supervision
MGT 122, MGT 276, WRT105
11. Explore elementary management practices relative to human behavior in business
MGT 280