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Program Outcomes - Customer Service Management Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Customer Service Management Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

1. Perform appropriately the conventional behaviors of professional workers outlined in the skills /rubric.
MGT 110, MKT 100, CSA 100
2. Listen and speak in a professional manner to customers.
SPE 120
3. Model appropriate grooming and clothing for a business setting outlined in the skills rubric.
MGT 122, MGT 110, MKT 100
4. Use appropriate telephone and e-mail customer service procedures.
MKT 100, CSA 100
5. Demonstrate effective responses to sales questions from consumers.
SPE 120, WRT 154, MKT 100
6. Exhibit punctuality and an appropriate work ethic.
MGT 130, MKT 100, MGT 110, MGT 122
7. Describe a sense of professionalism in the workplace.
BUS 100, MGT 130, MGT 110
8. Complete a variety of basic quantitative activities involving customer service.
BUS 100, MKT 100
9. Demonstrate appropriate behavior with co-workers.
MGT 122
10. Participate in role playing activities which simulate customer service challenge
MKT 100