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Program Outcomes - Advanced Business Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Business Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

1. Practice and apply interpersonal as well as collaborative skills in all course assignments.
BUS 100/151/220, MGT 110/280, ACC 100/211, CSA 101, MKT 111, WRT 101/154
2. Communicate effectively in both oral and written forms for all business settings.
BUS 100/220, MGT 110/280, MKT 111, WRT 101/154
3. Identify the types of competitive markets in which the majority of businesses operate.
BUS 100, MGT 280, MKT 111
4. Demonstrate competence in specific business knowledge (e.g. finance, management, accounting, and marketing) in a manner that best explains and assesses general business practices.
BUS 100/151, ACC 100/211, MGT 280, MKT 111
5. Demonstrate competency in standards and best practices of business operations, including business organizations, ethical standards, and general business standards.
BUS 100/220, MGT 280
6. Demonstrate understanding of basic accounting and financial documents prepared for different types of business entities.
ACC 100/211
7. Explore elementary management practices relative to human behavior in business.
MGT 110/280
8. Complete business-related math problems with reasonable proficiency and speed, while employing both calculators and business software.
BUS 151, ACC 211, CSA 101
9. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of legal, ethical, and management responsibilities in business.
BUS 100/220, MKT 110, MGT 280
10. Determine the demand for products and services, the pricing thereof, and identify an organization’s potential customer base.
BUS 100, MKT 111
11. Develop a critical understanding of the foundations of the diverse market economies and apply acquired acumens to an examination of contemporary business systems.
BUS 100
12. Distinguish and examine ethical approaches and opportunities in business.
BUS 100/220, MKT 110/280, MKT 111