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Interior Design

Associate of Applied Science

Inactive Program: 

The PCC Board of Governors has inactivated this program.  No new students will be admitted to the program.  Courses towards this degree will be offered until Spring 2015.  Individual Interior Design classes will be offered beyond that semester, but the degree will no longer be awarded.

Program/Major Codes: AASDESIGN/IDE

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements

This section lists general education requirements that are not fulfilled by core or support courses.*

Communication Requirement 6
Analysis and Critical Thinking Requirement 6
Humanities and Social Science Requirement: select a course from the Social Science or Leadership/Ethics category. 3
Subtotal 15


Required Core Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
IDE 100 Introduction to Interior Design 3
IDE 111 Fundamentals of Interior Design 3
IDE 122 Visual Communications I 3
IDE 152 Color and Lighting Theory 3
IDE 155 Space Planning I 3
IDE 158 Computer Aided Drafting Fundamentals for Interior Design 4
IDE 160 Fabrics for Interiors 3
IDE 212 History of Interior Architecture and Furniture
from the Egyptian Period to 1900
IDE 213 History of Interior Architecture and
Furniture from 1900 to the Present
IDE 220 Interior Methods and Materials 3
IDE 222 Visual Communications II 3
IDE 230 Interior Design Business and Professional Practices 3
IDE 255 Space Planning II 3
IDE 256 Human and Environmental Design 3
IDE 280 Interior Design Portfolio Development 1
Subtotal 44

Required Support Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
CSA 100 Computer Literacy 1
Subtotal 1
Total 60

* Other general education requirements are fulfilled by required core and support courses: Humanities and Social Science Requirement - IDE 213 fulfills 3 in the Humanities/Fine Arts category;  Computer and Information Literacy Requirement - CSA 100.