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Culinary Arts

Associate of Applied Science

Courses focus on culinary management, budgeting and hands-on food preparation.

Before you can enroll, you must interview with a Culinary Arts faculty member.

Program/Major Codes: AASCULNRYART/RCF

What can I do with this degree?

Career options: Become a cook, menu planner, caterer, dining room manager or work in other culinary positions.

Academic options: While this degree was not designed to transfer to a 4-year university, it may apply toward Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) or other programs.  See Pima’s Transfer Partnerships page to determine which universities offer BAS programs, and research how the universities may accept this program in transfer.

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements

Communication Requirement 6
Analysis and Critical Thinking Requirement 6
Humanities and Social Science Requirement 6
Computer and Information Literacy Requirement 1-3
Subtotal 19-21

Required Core Courses

Course # Course Title Credits
CUL 101 Principles of Restaurant Operations 3
CUL 110 Food Service Nutrition 2
CUL 115 Food Service Sanitation and Safety 3
CUL 130 Hot Foods I 3
CUL 140 Culinary Principles 3
CUL 150 Garde Manger 3
CUL 160 Bakery and Pastry Production I 3
CUL 180 Food In History 3
CUL 185 Catering Operations
CUL 230 Hot Foods II 3
CUL 251 International Cuisine: World of Flavor 3
CUL 260 Bakery and Pastry Production II 3
Subtotal 34

Required Support Courses

Complete 9 credits from the following list

Course # Course Title Credits
ACC 100 Practical Accounting Procedures 3
CUL 161 Cake Decorating and Candy Making 3
CUL 162 Art of Chocolate 1
CUL 163 Sauces 3
CUL 199WK Co-op Work: Culinary Arts 1-3
CUL 261 Advanced Cake Decorating
Subtotal 9
Total 62-64