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Surgical Instrument Technician

Career Training Certificate

Learn to work in an operating sterile supply room or central supply area as a Surgical Instrument Technician.    Complete this program exclusively on weekdays.  Student selection for the program begins in September with training beginning in January.

Note:  This is a clock-hour, non-credit certificate offered through the PCC Center for Training and Development. 

Before enrolling in this program, you must complete certain requirements.

What can I do with this certificate?

Career Options:  Seek employment as an entry-level Surgical Instrument Technician in a hospital or surgical center.

Academic Options:  Continue your training by pursuing the Surgical Technologist certificate.

More Information: Review program costs, student debt, on-time graduation and more. 

 Program Requirements

Required Modules

Module # Title Hours
HO 900 Introduction to Surgical Technology I * 86
HO 910 Introduction to Surgical Technology II * 45
HO 920 Anatomy & Physiology: Skin, Muscle and Skeletal 96
HO 922 Anatomy & Physiology: Nerves, Senses and Endocrine 96
HO 924 Anatomy & Physiology: Blood, Heart, Vessels and Lymph 96
HO 926 Anatomy & Physiology: Respiratory and Digestive 55
HO 928 Anatomy & Physiology: Urinary and Reproductive 55
HO 930 Surgical Procedures * 96
HO 940 Communication and Computers for Surgical Technologists * 40
HO 941 Electricity for Surgical Technologists 30
HO 942 Physics for Surgical Technologists 27
HO 943 Robotics for Surgical Technologists 24
Total 746
* This required course may also be fulfilled by taking a series of course modules. These options are listed below.
   Complete: HO 900 Introduction to Surgical Technology I, or complete: HO 900A Professional Responsibilities and Relations (6 clock-hours); and HO 900B Environmental and Work Place Safety (6); and HO 900C Introduction to Microbiology, Infection, and Immunology (29); and HO 900D Wound Healing (6); and HO 900E Pharmacology and Anesthesia (39)
   Complete: HO 910 Introduction to Surgical Technology II, or complete:  HO 910A Aseptic Technique (10 clock-hours); and HO 910B Patient Care (20); and HO 910C Surgical Instrumentation (15)
   Complete: HO 930 Surgical Procedures, or complete:  HO 930A General Surgery (12 clock-hours); and HO 930B Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery (12); and HO 930C Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat (EENT) Surgery (12); and HO 930D Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (12); and HO 930E Genitourinary Surgery (12); and HO 930F Orthopaedic Surgery (12); and HO 930G Thoracic and Peripheral Vascular Surgery (12); and HO 930H Cardiac and Neurology Surgery (12)
   Complete HO 940 Communication and Computers for Surgical Technologists, or complete:  HO 940A Interpersonal Relationships for Surgical Technologists (12 clock-hours); and HO 940B Ethical and Legal Considerations (16);  and HO 940C Computer for Surgical Technologists (12)