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Surgical Technologist

Career Training Certificate

Learn the skills needed to become part of an operating room team as a surgical technologist.  Complete this program exclusively on weekdays.  Program admission is twice a year with classes starting in March and September.

Note:  This is a clock-hour, non-credit certificate offered through the PCC Center for Training and Development. 

What can I do with this certificate?

Career Options:  Seek employment as an entry-level Surgical Technologist in hospital operating rooms and surgical centers.

Academic Options:  Continue your studies by working toward additional certificates or an associate's degree in a health-care field.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Program Requirements

Required Modules

Module # Title Hours
HO 818 Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology 150
SG 900 Introduction to Healthcare 86
SG 910 Introduction to Instrumentation, Equipment, and Sterilization 106
SG 920 Anesthesia and Surgical Pharmacology 35
SG 930 Patient Care 23
SG 950LB Surgical Lab Procedures I 110
SG 960LB Surgical Lab Procedures II 165
SG 970LB Surgical Lab Procedures III 125
SG 990 Surgical Technologist Externship I 250
SG 995 Surgical Technologist Externship II 276
Total 1,326