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Practical Nurse

Career Training Certificate

Get comprehensive training and practical experience in nursing while preparing to become a licensed practical nurse.  This program is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing.  Students may complete this program in 13 months or less.

Note:  This is a clock-hour, non-credit certificate offered through the PCC Center for Training and Development. 

Selective Admissions Program: In order to be fully admitted to this program, you must fulfill the requirements listed in Program Admissions. See an advisor for details.

What can I do with this certificate?

Career Options:  After passing the National Council Licensure Examination, seek employment in a doctor's office, clinic, long-term care facility, assisted living facility, hospital or other health care settings.

Training Options: Pursue an associate's degree in nursing.  Completion of this certificate, successfully passing the LPN exam, and completing all pre-requisite courses provides students with special admissions into the PCC associate's degree in nursing program.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Program Requirements

Requirement Modules

Module # Title Hours
NA 810 Nursing Assistant 120
HO 818 Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology 150
HO 819 Nursing Care Fundamentals 90
PN 861 Introduction to Practical Nursing 220
PN 872 Practical Nursing A - PN Patient Care 220
PN 874 Practical Nursing B - PN Patient Care 220
PN 882 Maternal-Neonatal Nursing for the Practical Nurse 120
PN 887 Pediatric Nursing for the Practical Nurse 120
PN 890 Transition to PN Practice 120
Total 1,380
* Students who have completed the Nursing Assistant or the Anatomy & Physiology module may be eligible for advanced placement.  Please provide official transcripts for coursework and current licenses in good standing for nursing assistant.