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Veterans Early Book Purchase Program

Veterans Early Book Purchase Program:

Students who are using VA Educational benefits, are registered for classes and have a Veteran’s tab in MyPima are allowed to charge books and supplies directly to their student account and pay for them later in the semester. The amount available to purchase books and supplies is $75 for each credit hour for which the student is registered. The program begins 30 days prior to the start of the term and is open until the last session begins.

The day after registering for classes, students may go to any campus bookstore, identify themselves as a veteran student, and provide their Pima Student ID to purchase their books and supplies.

Note:  Under this program the amount of the purchase will be charged to the student’s account and the student is responsible for paying Pima.

Chapter 31 student veterans should provide a copy of their 1905 (if possible) to the bookstore to facilitate this process. The bookstore will directly bill the allowed charges to the VA and they will not appear on the student’s Pima account.