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Scholarship Searches

External Scholarships

Scholarship funds are also available through community groups, organizations and companies outside of PCC. The financial aid office receives information periodically about available scholarships in the community. 

  • Check with a campus Student Services Center for the latest available information received by PCC from these organizations.
  • Use resources available at campus libraries and public libraries. Ask a librarian for assistance in finding these references.
  • Use the resources listed below

NOTE: If you should receive scholarship money from outside PCC and receive scholarship funds directly, you must notify our financial aid office.

Important Tips

  • Never pay for a scholarship search or scholarship literature.
  • Never give your bank account or credit card information for scholarship searches or eligibility determination.
  • Obtain letters of recommendation from various individuals at your school identifying your diverse interests. For example, obtain one from an instructor, one from a guidance counselor, one from a coach or club advisor, etc. Scholarships have different criteria so being prepared to address their requests will increase your chances of being selected.
  • Prepare a personal statement ahead of time. Identify your strengths and accomplishments as well as your educational goals if you know them.
  • If you meet the criteria, apply. Many students do not apply because they assume another applicant will have better qualifications, sometimes resulting in unclaimed scholarships.
  • Don't limit your major to just one; list all of your fields of interest. Consider including a minor. If you are not sure of your major, it is okay to admit it.
  • Use your resources, including high school guidance counselors, financial aid or scholarship representatives, teachers and friends.

Free Scholarship Searches