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Types of Scholarships

Scholarships awarded by the PCC Foundation may only be used to pay for classes and educational expenses at Pima Community College.

The available scholarships listed below are likely to be awarded for the 2015-16 academic year. They are subject to change, and others may be added later.

General Scholarships

The Foundation Scholarship Committee reviews applications for scholarships that have general criteria or that cut across several programs or campuses.


  • Alumni Association Family Scholarship
  • Bridget McCabe Memorial Scholarship
  • Hollingsworth Endowed Scholarship
  • John B. Gabusi Memorial Scholarship
  • Chancellor Jeff and Dixie Hockaday Endowed Scholarship
  • Chancellor Robert D. Jensen Scholarship
  • Gabe Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship
  • Jones Intercable Endowed Scholarship
  • Martin and Fred Ginsburg Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • John and Helen Murphey Foundation Scholarship
  • PCC Golf Tournament Endowed Scholarship
  • Sandweiss Family Scholarship
  • Wolslager Foundation Scholarship

Disabled Student Resources

  • Betty Parkman Scholarship
  • EAW Scholarship
  • Muriel B Kaufman Memorial Scholarship
  • Wynelle Knight Scholarship


  • Ryan McGlothlin Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Alice Rich Endowed Painting Scholarship

Business/Real Estate

  • Arizona Association of REALTORS®
  • Camille Stallings-Stasnek Memorial Scholarship
  • Henry "Hank" Carlston Memorial Scholarship
  • Norman Wezelman Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Wells Fargo Scholarship

Digital Arts/Journalism

  • Cox Communications Scholarship
  • Harold "Jake" Jacques Memorial Scholarship
  • Saul Fruchthendler Memorial Media Arts Scholarship

Engineering/ STEM / Computer Technology

  • Association for Facilities Engineering Endowed Scholarship
  • Emory & Lorna Grady Scholarship
  • Leo Haldiman Trust Scholarship

Health-Related Professions (HRP)

The Foundation manages scholarships for Nursing and Health-Related Professions.

To qualify for these scholarships you must be enrolled in Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Radiology Technology or Dental Studies.

Students in these programs will be notified when the scholarship application is available.

NOTE: If you are an HRP student, you are also eligible to apply for other PCC Foundation scholarships using the STARS online application.

Dental Studies

  • American College of Dentists Scholarship
  • G. Hartzell Dental Studies Scholarship
  • International College of Dentists Scholarship
  • Lucy Brajevich/Southern Arizona Dental Society
  • Southern Arizona Dental Hygiene Society Scholarship


  • Bobbie Olsen Health Professions Endowed Scholarship
  • Donald G. Shropshire Endowed Scholarship
  • HealthPartners of Southern Arizona Endowed Scholarship


  • Edna Richards Endowed Scholarship
  • Green Valley Lions Club Scholarship
  • Health and Wellness Marketing Group Scholarship
  • Barton Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Erline W. and W. George Webster Endowed Scholarship
  • Loretta M. Anthony Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Marilyn Nevin Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Faye and Sid Morse Nursing Scholarship
  • Wheeler and Charlyne Abbett Endowed Scholarship


  • Radiologic Technology Scholarship
  • Arizona State Society for Radiologic Technology

Respiratory Therapy

  • Brian Harpst Memorial Scholarship in Respiratory Therapy
  • Steve McPherson Memorial Scholarship

Automotive, Industrial, Technical Education

Automotive Technology

Building and Construction

  • Richard Morgan Welding Scholarship
  • Witt for Construction Scholarship

Military Veterans

  • Bill Valenzuela Scholarship
  • PFC James S. Mueller (USMC) Memorial Scholarship
  • Rosemont Copper Scholarship

Non-traditional students (over 25 years of age)

  • Mary Bartol Memorial Scholarship
  • Marilyn Nixon Memorial Scholarship
  • Ruth Capp Memorial Scholarship