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PCC Scholarships

PCC, the PCC Foundation and generous donors in our community help you achieve your dreams through scholarships programs. Unlike loans, scholarships normally don't have to be paid back. The PCC Foundation is instrumental in soliciting, managing and distributing scholarships to qualified students.    



STARS has been replaced by AcademicWorks, and is integrated into MyPima.

To apply for PCC scholarships, log into MyPima and select "Students", then "Register and Pay".  PCC Scholarships is in the left column.

After clicking on the link you will be taken to a page that will have all the General Application Questions. Click on "Applicant Record" to verify your information.

Some of the scholarship opportunities that will be available for the 2017-18 academic year include:

  • 88-CRIME
  • Access and Disability Resources Scholarship
  • Alumni Association Family Scholarship
  • Amigos de Pima Scholarships
  • Arts Scholarships
  • John & Helen Murphey Foundation Scholarship
  • Chancellor's Service Scholarship
  • Non-Traditional Student Scholarships
  • Pima Book Scholarship
  • Pima Opportunity Grant
  • PCC General Scholarships for Academic Merit
  • PCC General Scholarships for Financial Need


Other Scholarships

Check for other opportunities found on the Other Scholarships and Scholarship Searches web pages.


If you have questions about scholarships, please contact the following offices:

Scholarship Donors who have or wish to establish a relationship with PCC, please contact the PCC Foundation at 520.206.4646.

If you are a recipient of a PCC scholarship, please check Academic Works in MyPima to verify the award status. You may also check your Awards on the Financial Aid page of MyPima to confirm the award is pending or has disbursed.  If you still have questions, please contact

If you are student recipient of a non-PCC scholarship, contact the scholarship donor to verify that the funds have been mailed to:

PCC Student Accounts Office
Building D, Room D-204
4905 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85709-1225
Phone: (520) 206-4574

If your donor  says the funds have been sent to PCC, please call the Financial Aid Office at 520.206.4590 or email Scholarship Donors who have or wish to establish a relationship with PCC, please contact the PCC Foundation at 520.206.4646.