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You may be eligible for a refund if

  • you drop one or more classes by the drop/refund deadline.
  • you drop all of your classes within the refund period. Your refund may be reduced by any outstanding charges.
  • a class is canceled by the College. Tuition paid by financial aid may be returned to the award funding source.

Refunds process

  • refunds are processed weekly beginning the third week of the semester.
  • refunds will be credited back to the original credit card for payments made using a credit or signature debit card.
  • refunds will be made by check for payments made using cash, check payments, or PIN debit.

Contact Student Accounts to request early refunds.

If you are currently enrolled, you can find refund deadlines for each of your classes -- go to MyPima, select the Academics tab, and then select My Schedule.

Special Provisions Refunds

You may request a partial tuition refund if unforeseen circumstances force you to withdraw from the College after the refund deadline. The policy includes tuition only. Fees are not eligible for refund.

A Special Provisions Refund may be requested if a student is forced to withdraw from the College due to one of the following unforeseen circumstances

  • serious illness or injury
  • death of the student or a family member
  • military transfer.

To be eligible for a Special Provisions Refund, you must

  • withdraw from all courses
  • request a refund in writing using the Special Provisions Refund Request via the campus admissions office where you are attending classes
  • present any supporting materials to the Student Services Manager at the campus with your completed refund request
  • request the refund during the semester in which the withdrawal occurs

If you attend classes at multiple campuses, your request may be submitted at any campus. However, a denial of a request applies to all campuses.

The refund withdrawal period may be extended up to six months if documentation is presented showing that you could not physically request the refund during the withdrawal semester. No requests made more than six months after the withdrawal semester will be considered.

The amount of the Special Provisions Refund is based on the proportional amount of time elapsed before you withdraw.

  • proportional availability is 25 percent, 50 percent and 75 percent of the enrollment period
  • for more information about how the percentages apply to enrollment periods, refer to the printed Schedule of Classes 'Special Provisions Refunds' or contact your campus admissions office.

Return of Financial Aid (Title IV Funds)

If you are a financial aid recipient and withdraw from PCC courses before you have reached a certain point in the semester, you must return part of the funds.  Please refer to Dropping or Withdrawing from Class & Financial Aid

The PCC policy is in compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations and is subject to change if federal regulations change.