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Early Book Purchase Program

Summer 2018 Process

You do not have to wait until financial aid disburses to purchase your books. PCC has an easy option to allow financial aid recipients to purchase books (book rentals will still require a debit or credit card) prior to the disbursement of your funds.  This process makes it convenient for you to obtain the books you need for class. 

The Early Book Purchase Program (EBPP) will be available to use at any PCC Bookstore 10 days prior to the start of your first scheduled class. The earliest you can get your books with the EBPP each semester is May 22, 2018 for summer semester.

For example: If you don’t have a class starting on May 29, you are not eligible to participate in the EBPP on May 22. If your first class starts on July 5, the earliest you could participate is June25.

After your course registration, PCC Financial Aid will confirm your financial aid eligibility for the EBPP. If you are awarded, meet all financial aid eligibility requirements, and will have excess funds after your tuition is paid, you will be see a new financial aid requirement in MyPima called Early Book Purchase Program with instructions on how to opt-into the EBPP program.  Opt-in by answering five questions. You will receive confirmation in your My Messages once you have completed the EBPP questions (survey).  If you do this by 10pm, you can go to the bookstore the following morning (assuming your first class starts in 10 days or less). You must opt-in before going to a PCC Bookstore otherwise you will be turned away. You will also receive a reminder through your My Messages to let you know when your EBPP is ready to use at the bookstore. Visit the PCC bookstore for hours and their price match guarantee.

By answering YES to all five questions in your MyPima you are opting-into this program and agree to the following:

  • I authorize PCC to apply my financial aid disbursement in excess of my tuition and fees to any outstanding charges for using the Early Book Purchase Program.  
  • I understand that the amount available to charge books at the Pima Bookstores will vary. The amount I receive will be whichever of the following amounts is lowest: The amount purchased will be charged to your student account and will be deducted from your financial aid award.
    • $750 or
    • $75/credit hour enrolled or
    • amount of my authorized financial aid minus the total amount I owed for tuition and fees
  • I understand that any changes to my overall financial aid eligibility can impact my Early Book Purchase Program eligibility and may result in a balance that I am responsible for paying back to the school. These changes include, but are not limited to: enrollment changes, academic progress changes, and residency updates.  
  • I understand if I am only eligible for student loans and I am a first time loan borrower my student loan funds have a 30 day delay for disbursement. This delay makes me ineligible for the Early Book Purchase Program until the student loan disbursement date.

By answering the five questions in your MyPima you are opting-into the EBPP and will be able to charge your books through PCC Bookstores prior to the start of your classes with the use of your financial aid refund.  All students are opted-out of this program by default. If you do not opt-into the EBPP, you will need to purchase your books using your own funds at the PCC Bookstore or anywhere else that has them.  If you change your mind about the EBPP, please see a Financial Aid Representative to have your questions reset.

If you no longer need a book you purchased using the EBPP, you may return it within 10 days of purchase. Your student account will be credited with the refund. No cash refunds will be given.

Additional information for Veterans.