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Suspension of Financial Aid

If you are unable to regain good academic standing during your Warning term, your financial aid eligibility will be immediately suspended, and you will be notified by email and notice on your MyPima Financial Aid tab.  To attempt to regain eligibility, you may either:

  • Transfer credits in
  • Attend courses and pay for them on your own or with private funding OR
  • Submit a Recalc of SAP form and/or an Appeal form

Transferring in credits

If you attended a prior college, transferring in credits may help your completion rate (in addition to saving you time and money not re-taking classes you have already taken).  Transferring in credits can take several weeks. Please submit an official transcript and the Transcript Evaluation Form right away!

Request for Recalculation of SAP Status

Students who are otherwise in good academic standing but who have exceeded (or who will exceed) 150% of the published length required for their certificate or degree, may submit the Request for Recalculation of SAP Status form instead of appealing. Typical processing time for this form is 2 weeks after submission. After an unsuccessful recalculation request a student my appeal based on extenuating circumstances.

Appeal to Change Academic Plan 

Students who are receiving Title IV (federal) financial aid under an approved Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal and wish to make any changes to their academic plan or program of study (POS) must complete this form, Appeal to Change Academic Plan.  Students must explain how they will be able to make academic progress under the new program of study.

Steps for Submitting an Appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress

The application process for the SAP appeal form has changed.  Starting in the Spring 2019 semester the SAP Appeal Form is only available to be completed online through MyPima.  However, only those students with a financial aid requirement to complete an appeal form on MyPima can access the form.  If you are not required to complete a SAP Appeal form for financial aid you will not be able to access the form on your MyPima.  Should you believe you should be able to submit an appeal you may contact the Office of Financial Aid and Schoalrships at to request an appeal requirement.   Your appeal must include supporting documentation of your extenuating circumstances that contributed to your failure to maintain good academic standing, as well as what has changed that will allow you to regain good academic standing with continued financial aid. Be sure your name and student number are on all documents.

Step 1: Complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Webform

Be sure to explain the circumstances contributing to your inability to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in your Personal Statement. You must address all unsuccessful courses and how your circumstances have changed. In addition, if you have completed more courses than those required for your program, you must also explain the reasons why you have failed to graduate in a reasonable timeframe.  Be sure to describe what has changed and your plan for making satisfactory progress.

Don’t forget to include your documentation because appeal will be denied by the committee or college designee if documentation is not provided. Documentation can include:

  • letters from health providers
  • copies of medical bills showing health provider visits
  • if the circumstances that contributed to your inability to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress were medical in nature, you may also wish to submit supporting medical documentation with your Appeal packet 
  • any other statements or documentation to support your extenuating circumstance that prevented you from making satisfactory progress

Step 2: Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor/Counselor to develop a Plan in MyDegreePlan

Your appeal form must be signed by an academic advisor or counselor indicating that you have met with them and developed an academic plan that is viewable in MyDegreePlan. Contact your nearest Student Services Center to schedule an appointment. Failure to complete the academic plan with your advisor may result in the denial or rejection of your appeal.

Step 3: Submit your Appeal Packet online through your MyPima and await the decision.

You will be informed of the committee's decision and the status will be posted on your MyPima Financial Aid tab.  Check your MyPima email account and Financial Aid Messages for the decision on your appeal.  The committee or college designee's decision is final.

Step 4: You may need to Make Payment Arrangements

Make note of the payment deadline so that you can make payment arrangements to secure your course enrollment by that date.  Payment plans are available through your MyPima Academics tab, by using your MyAccountManager.  Contact the Student Accounts office for additional questions about making a payment or setting up a payment plan.