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Money Matters

We all have various amounts of money and spend and save it differently.  The better we understand money, the more of it we will have.  There is a lot of information out there to help students spend wisely, save more and have a better quality of life.  Below are a variety of useful tools that can help you with this.

Free cell phone apps

  • ReadyForZero allows you to set up payment reminders, visualize your progress and monitor your credit score.  It helps you stay on track and ensure that you reach your financial goals.
  • Mint: offers a comprehensive look at all your account balances, updated real-time as long as you're connected to the Internet. It automatically categorizes your transactions, alerts you when you're about to go over your budget, and lets you opt-in to push notifications about bills.
  • Military and Money: For members of the military and their families, the challenges of juggling deployments, frequent moves and the basics of every day life can put a strain on finances. This app features essential resources and tools to help users make informed decisions about money. You don’t need to be in the military to find this useful!

Online training

There are many different online tools to assist people with learning about money management.  We want you to learn with a format that works best for you.  Try one or try them all!

Single session tools:

  • Building Wealth is an entertaining, interactive cartoon that helps you make basic wise financial choices. It takes about 45 minutes to complete.  
  • Practical Money Skills is the site for you if you like football or soccer and computer games. Play financial football or soccer by yourself or against a friend.  

Multiple session tools:

  • On Your Own has a fresh new look and great articles and tools that introduce you to various money topics.
  • SALT contains online courses like "Budgeting" and "Credit and Debt Management" to help you learn about budgeting, credit, ID theft and many other topics.  Create your own log in and review the topics covered.  These courses have have a pre-session quiz and a post-session quiz to see how much you have learned. 
  • Money Smart by FDIC has more online courses covering similar topics as the SALT courses. If you want more training or didn't care for the SALT format, try this one.
  • CNN Money Essentials Lessons has 23 slightly more advanced lessons that include taxes, life insurance, and 401k's.
  • MoneySKILL is a free, online, reality-based personal finance course with 36 modules for young adults that was developed by the AFSA Education Foundation.
  • Community Action Partnership was specifically designed for low income families - but is great for everyone! It's well organized and easy to understand. 

Online calculators

Like everything else we have provided, people like different formats for their budgeting - some prefer electronic versions while other prefer paper.  We have listed both types in various layouts for you to use.

  • American Consumer Credit Counseling has calculators for a wide variety of situations.
  • Kiplinger has a web-based budgeting tool that will automatically calculate your expense totals.
  • Mom’s Budget has basic budgeting worksheets as well specific budgets worksheets for children, weddings and seniors.

Financial books  

If you want more information on a specific topic, look at this comprehensive financial book listing.  It’s organized according to the topic covered.  Before buying any book, check them out at the PCC Library or the Pima County Public Library or look for it used.

Practical money saving tips

Need advice on how to save money?  Check out these links:

Questions? Suggestions?

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