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Money Matters

We all have various amounts of money and spend and save it differently. Take this Life Values Quiz and learn why and how you spend money. There is a lot of information out there to help students spend wisely, save more and have a better quality of life. Below are a variety of useful tools that can help you with this.

Money Saving Tips

The Simple Dollar: 100 Great Tips for Saving Money
Greatest: 94 Creative Ways to Save Money Today
America Saves: 54 Ways to Save Money
Pinterest: Money-Saving Ideas

Free Apps

Mint offers a comprehensive look at all your account balances.
Change looks at all your transactions and identifies areas for improvement.
ClarityMoney can help you become a champion of your money.
ReadyForZero helps you stay on track and ensure that you reach your financial goals.
Fortune City a game based on your personal finances.
Honeydue an app designed specifically to help couples manage their finances.

Online Education

Class format: Cash Course and Smart About Money has free online courses.
Game format: Practical Money Skills Play financial football or soccer by yourself or against a friend.
Magazine format: On Your Own has a fresh new look and great articles and tools that introduce you to various money topics.
Book format: Building Wealth is an entertaining, interactive cartoon that helps you make basic wise financial choices. It takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Useful Calculators

American Consumer Credit Counseling has calculators for a wide variety of situations.
Kiplinger has a web-based budgeting tool.
Mom’s Budget has basic budgeting worksheets you can download.